About George

George is UK based. He has been a full time professional Artist and Entertainer since 1991. He lives in central UK, ideally positioned for Birmingham, Luton and East Midlands Airports, with Heathrow and Manchester just an hour or so away. This makes travel easy for George, who has worked in Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany, Bahrain and Dubai in the last 3 years alone.
George's caricatures are currently published monthly in GQ magazine and have been published regularly in magazines such as TV Times, Square Meal and newspapers such as Financial News and Sunday Mirror. George has also become a TV favorite, appearing live to a viewing audience of over 5000,000 for the Paul O'Grady Show and similar audiences for BBC One Show and Today with Des & Mel. When he's not on UK screens, George's caricatures are still seen on Rory Bremner show (Bremner, Bird & Fortune), Him & Her (BBC3) and weekly on Chris moyles' Quiz Night.


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George's History
"Born a Hertfordshire lad (UK), I was brought up with a pen in my hand and spent my youth filling blank wallpaper rolls with doodles and drawing friends and family. I followed my artistic path through school at O and A levels. After my Foundation in Art & Design at St Albans I graduated from Leicester in 1991 with a BA (hons) in Graphic Design. I drew my first live caricatures later that year at a Sargent's Mess and I was hooked! The next 20 years saw me attending dinner parties, Balls, weddings and exhibitions all over the UK, in some of the most dazzling venues, from Blenheim Palace to the House of Lords, Manchester City FC to Chelsea FC. I bit the bullet and turned full time caricaturist in 2000 and since then I've travelled the world, bringing entertainment to International Conference Centers and venues in Barcelona, Berlin, Zurich, Bahrain and Dubai. My freelance career took off in 1999, when I started drawing caricatures for TV Times magazine, this continued on a weekly basis until 2003. I then took to drawing political satire cartoons for an online paper The First Post, weekly until 2007. My noteriety so far has earned me several TV appearances (Paul O'Grady, Des & Mel, One Show, Money Program) and cartoons featured on Bremner Bird & Fortune, Him & Her and Chris Moyles' Quiz Night. My freelance career continues to grow, along with my performance career, I expanded my repertoir by learning to draw digital caricatures on a tablet, ideal for exhibitions and international clients. With 20 years professional experience (and practice) I can proudly claim to be one of the UK's finest quality Caricaturists and as such I do my utmost to maintain the highest standard of artwork and presentation for all my clients. With over 100 satisfied clients each year since 1991, I must be doing something right"

Future Plans
George is hoping to expand his client base in the United Arab Emirates, by launching this Dubai specific website and spreading the word on his many Blogs. Ideally George hopes to return to Dubai on a regular basis, entertaining at F1, Ferrari World, Dubai Boat Show, Race Course and numerous other events and occasions. With 4 major UK Airports within his reach, Dubai is just a flight away and he's ready to answer your call.
George has just began offering large scale caricatures, drawn on a rotating flip chart, excellent attraction for exhibitions!
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